Customizing the topic

You can't change the topic directly through the discord client, because the bot doesn't detect that change, instead, you have to use this command.



mc!setTopic (#channels) [topic]

(#channels) -> Here, you specify (with channel mentions) in which channels you want to apply the custom topic, if none channel is specified, the changes will be applied to all those channels that doesn't has a custom topic (the global topic will be changed)

[topic] -> Here goes the custom topic you want, remember to write {COUNT} (or any of the types listed below) wherever you want to place the counter



What it counts?

{members} or {count}

The total amount of members in the server


How many ch users are in the server, it excludes the bots


How many bots are in the server, it excludes the users


How many channels has the server


How many roles has the server


How many members are connected in all the voice channels in the server


How many members are banned


How many members are online


How many users are online


How many bots are online


How many members are offline


How many users are offline


How many bots are offline

The [topic] parameter can't start with a channel mention because the bot will interpret that as part of the (#channels) parameter


This will set the topic for those channels without a specific topic defined (global topic)

mc!setTopic Current members: {COUNT}

This will display the given topic only in the first mentioned channels (unique topic)

mc!setTopic #general Current members: {COUNT}
mc!setTopic #general #other-channel Current members: {COUNT}

Display online users

mc!setTopic #general Online members: {onlineusers}



mc!removeTopic (#channels)

(#channels) -> If the channels specified has a custom unique topic, the topics will be replaced by the global topic

If none channels are mentioned, the global topic will be restored to the default one ("Members: {COUNT}")


Restore the global topic


Remove specific topics that has been established by mentioning channels

mc!removeTopic #general #other-channel